CRYSTAL- Cyber Simulation, Training and Exercise Platform


The fast increasing cyber-criminality is in the focus of todays information age. Espionage and cyber-criminality costs the economy globally a lot of money. Lost of data or intellectual property, cyber-criminalty and other action in cyberspace are also responsible for declining confidence in internet activity as well as increasing pressure on government and armed forces. Therefore it is vital to sensitize multiple user groups to this topic. One medium to do that, is the Cyber Training Platform CRYSTAL. Within this specially for cyber-security built infrastructure, it is possible to acquire skills in the following domains:


Initial situation

Trough new information and communication techniques, vulnerability of political and society processes gets a new dimension. Market is reacting to this change with new product, which deals with threats from cyber-security. Often the education and exercising of his own skills and interactions are trained separately, because no integrated exercise platform is available. The Cyber Training Platform will close this gap with corresponding training infrastructure. On this infrastructure it is possible to train specially designed scenarios. Each scenario has its own participant who shall fulfill special tasks.

Goal and purpose

CRYSTAL is the environment for users to train, exercice or simulate following goals and purposes:


The project is divided into 3 phases:

Phase I, Step A: Infrastucture

Phase I. Step B: Technical Layer, working Scenario

Phase I, Step C: Operational Layer, Integration Event Injection System

This is a opensource project. Development and modularity follows the opensource process way of going. Versions of tools and code are also pushed on a github repository

CRYSTAL is built on a cloud based infrastructure. This allows the CRYSTAL operator to adapt quickly on different scenarios. Target of this CRYSTAL is an integration and combinat of